So, who the hell am I?

A designer by trade, problem solver by passion, a trouble maker by nature and an advocate for “wouldn’t it be cool if…". I live and breath Design, Technology, UI/UX and pop culture. As a hands on Design Director and Leader, I bring my dedication to quality to everything I touch, and get excited about creating new and useful things for the world to play with. A multi award winner in my past days in advertising, several site winners on industry favored TheFWA and design work that has been featured on worldwide design community Behance.

Originally specializing in high concept visual interaction experiences, I have now focused all my efforts onto building simple, intuitive and innovative products and experiences.

Over 20 plus years as a designer, I have had the pleasure of working on some of the worlds best brands, including Ford, Beko, Aston Martin, Vimeo, Royal Caribbean, Avon, Bell Flight, Lincoln, Marvel, Marriott, Match Group, OnePlus, Harrods, Kohler, Nike, Verizon, The Weather Channel, American Express, Uniqlo, Volkswagen, Coca-Cola, Google, Audi, Chase Bank, Fujifilm, Bloomingdales, Ikea, Toyota, Sony Playstation, Lexus, and Starbucks.

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